Lena Burth


Dissertation Project: "How can security be conveyed without creating insecurity`?"

"In doubt for security" is how Angela Merkel described Germany's domestic political situation in November 2015 (Angela Merkel quoted from: König 20.11.2015, Zeit online). Today, the topic of security still significantly determines the political agenda and is a domestic policy maxim. In the process, the discourse on security seems to be constantly expanding, incorporating new actors and topics and blurring the boundaries of what security actually is.

Accordingly, the actions of the actors determine the content of the policy field. Security policy emerges from a complex interaction of these actors, who often follow their own logics. Thus, contradictions and conflicts arise between the actors acting in the policy field. The dissertation attempts to trace the discourse and make the causalities understandable. How does security communication affect the population? Which security policy measures reduce insecurity?

Scientific and professional appointments

Since 04/2019 Research assistant at the University of Erfurt, Chair of Political Education - esp. the political system of Germany

05/2017 to 04/2018 Research assistant, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy.


10/2016 to 03/2019 Master studies at the University of Erfurt, Economics, Law and Social Sciences

10/2012-09/2016 Bachelor studies at Georg-August University Göttingen, Law and Political Science Research foci - Political actor action in the public sphere.

- Political representation and participation

- Democracy and the Military