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Partizipation, Demokratie, Aktivismus

22. May 2024, 6.00 pm
"Handlungsfähigkeit statt Schockstarre. Von der Komplexität der Gegenwart und der Wehrhaftigkeit der Demokratie"
Department of History at the University of Erfurt
Hannah Katinka Beck (Verfassungsblog), Fabian Prochazka (University of Erfurt), Reiner Prass (Omas gegen Rechts), Malte Pannemann (Distanz e.V.), moderation: Elena Kiesel (University of Erfurt)
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Panel discussion with Hannah Katinka Beck (Verfassungsblog), Fabian Prochazka (University of Erfurt), Reiner Prass (Omas gegen Rechts) and Malte Pannemann (Distanz e.V.). The event will be moderated by Elena Kiesel (University of Erfurt).

The panel discussion will focus on how everyone can contribute to strengthening a democratic society based on solidarity. Together with political scientist Hannah Katinka Beck from Verfassungsblog e.V., educationalist Malte Pannemann from Distanz e.V., historian Reiner Prass from Omas gegen Rechts e.V. and communication scientist Fabian Prochazka, historian Elena Kiesel will discuss perspectives and strategies for a resilient democracy: What does "civilian protection of the constitution" mean and how does civic engagement work? Together with our guests from a wide range of disciplines and professional fields, we will discuss the challenges currently facing democracy and how a strong civil society can respond to them.

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Elena Marie Elisabeth Kiesel
Elena Marie Elisabeth Kiesel
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