Welcome to the Linguistics Department

In linguistics, we explore different aspects of language structure, use and competence, approaching the latter from the diverging perspectives of language processing, acquisition and didactics.

To explore a wide range of issues and topics in various subdisciplines of linguistics, we employ a variety of different research approaches and methods – such as corpus analysis, discourse analysis, interviews, observations of lessons, psycholinguistic experiments, and surveys.

Relating empirical research to our own teaching is very important for us.  Our  M. A. Applied Linguistics – Acquisition, Processing and Use of Languageenables postgraduate students to encounter the different research fields that we work in.

In addition to our Master programme in Applied Linguistics, staff in the department also contribute to several other Bachelor and Master Degrees at the University of Erfurt:

B.A. English and American Studies, B.A. German Studies,   B.A. Primary Education,    B.A. Special Education Inclusive Pedagogy, M. Ed. Primary Schools, M.Ed. Secondary Schools .

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Dr. Csaba Földes

Mitarbeitergebäude 1 / 715
Tel. +49 361 737 4361
E-mail csaba.foeldes@uni-erfurt.de

Secretay: Yvonne Kirmse