Graduate centre "Texts. Signs. Media."

This is us.

The Graduate Centre Texts.Signs.Media represents the graduate group of the forum Texts.Signs.Media. 

Our group currently has twelve members from the fields of Comparative literature, American studies, English studies, German literature, Romance studies, and Slavic studies. Professors Bettine Menke and Ilka Saal also regularly take part in our meetings as faculty members.

A writing workshop that takes place every fourteen days during the semester is usually devoted to discussing one or two texts from our members. The main goals of the workshop discussions are to provide criticism, suggestions, help with restructuring, and references for further reading. 

Conceptually, the projects of the graduate centre in the forum Texts.Signs.Media offer connections to other university research groups such as Erfurt Spatio Temporal Studies, Spatialization and Cultural Techniques, and the Erfurt Network on New Materialism.

Since August 2018, the spokespersons of the graduate centre, who are also responsible for its organization, have been Jessica Maureen Dimensions and, as deputy speaker since May 2019, Felix Haenlein.


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