Enrolment as a doctoral candidate

Doctoral studies are possible at the University of Erfurt in the :

  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology and the
  • Max Weber College

At the beginning of a doctoral project, to apply for acceptance as a doctoral candidate accordance with the respective doctoral regulations of the respective faculty.

To be accepted as a doctoral student, an application must be submitted via Docata - the web portal for doctoral students at the University of Erfurt.

Information about Docata / Link to the Docata web portal
Further information and contact persons regarding "Doctoral Studies at the University of Erfurt".

Upon acceptance as a PhD candidate, the student status and thus the membership of the university can be acquired. For this purpose, please submit the application for enrolment in the PhD program via the online application portal. Please note the documents to be submitted in the instructions concerning the request for admission to PhD program.

Das Wort "Forschung" auf einer Glasscheibe geschrieben, Uni Erfurt

How do I enrol?

What are the deadlines?

After acceptance as a doctoral student, enrolment can be applied at any time.

The enrolment application for the PhD program must be submitted by

  • 31st March for a winter semester
  • 30th September for a summer semester

How do I apply online?

1. Registration

Before you can submit an application, you must first register in the application portal to create an applicant account at the University of Erfurt. For registration, please use an e-mail address that you check regularly. After registering, you will receive a mail (welcome e-mail) with your user ID and an activation code/activation link to the e-mail address you provided. You can unlock your account by entering the unlock code or also by clicking on the unlock link from the e-mail.

Important: Please remember your user ID, which you will receive in the welcome e-mail after your registration, and your self-chosen password. You will need these to log in to the application portal in the future.

The registration must be done for each new application semester. Data from previous semesters will be deleted. If you have already registered for the current application semester, you can log in directly with your access data.

As part of the application and/or enrollment process at the University of Erfurt, personal data will be collected from you and saved. Therefore, before filling out the online form, please note the following information:

Information nach Art. 13 EU-DSGVO zur Erhebung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung von personenbezogenen Daten im Rahmen der Zulassungs- und Einschreibverfahren.

2. Submit application

After successfully registering in the application portal, you can now submit one or more application requests.

When you have chosen your course of study, you will be guided step by step through the application process. During the application process, you have the option of uploading documents in advance (e.g. proof of language proficiency). These documents must be submitted by the time of enrollment at the latest.

After you have finished entering the data, your application will have the status "In preparation". You have the opportunity to check everything again and correct it if necessary.

Incomplete applications and those that have not (yet) been submitted will be saved so that the application can be continued when you return.

Don't forget to submit your application (electronically) afterwards!

3. Submit application (electronically)

So that you can apply for enrollment, you must still submit the application electronically.

Once an application has been submitted, it will either be given the status "Received" or the status "Submitted requests" until your data has been confirmed.

The application is completely digital, i.e. you do not have to send any documents by mail yet!

4. Stay informed

You can track the status of your applications in the application portal. Provided you have activated e-mail notification in the application portal, you will receive an e-mail from us if something has changed in the status of your study application.

Note: You will only receive an e-mail for the first status change. In case of several status changes, no further e-mail will be sent until you log in to the portal again the next time and inform. In case of further changes, you will receive a new e-mail afterwards.

5. Apply for enrollment

As soon as the overall status of your application changes to "Zugelassen", you can submit an application for enrollment in the application portal. Here, the information you have already entered in your application must be supplemented by some data that we require for your studies at our university. Please follow the further instructions in the applicant portal and then let yourself be guided through the online enrollment!

After you have finished entering data, click on the button 'Complete entry of enrollment data and return to overview' and you will be redirected to the overview page with your application and enrollment forms. There, please print out your application for enrollment and then send it to us by mail, signed, together with the required documents.

6. Photo upload

Your student ID (chip card) requires your photo. This must be uploaded by you via the online portalbefore enrollment. You will find your applicant number on the first page of the printed enrollment application.

What documents are required?

The required documents for enrolment are listed in the instructions concerning the request for admission to PhD program.

What follows after enrolment?

Once you have submitted all the required documents and you fulfil the admission requirements for a PhD program at the University of Erfurt, we will enrol you. You will receive your first student datasheet together with your student ID (chip card) by post. On the datasheet you will also find your e-mail adress of the University of Erfurt and your user name for your university account.

You will receive your initial password for your university account in a separate letter from the University Computer and Media Centre. The initial password is preset for the university account and the email account and must be changed in the first place. For your user account, the change is made via the user portal and for the email account via the web-based log in. For further information please refer to the help pages for the user account.

Once you have completed your registration, you will be a member of the University of Erfurt at the beginning of the semester.

Please note that your student card (thoska) must be validated by you before your first assignment. You can do this on your first visit to campus.

Campus map of the University of Erfurt with references to the locations of the thoska devices (German only)

Enrolment for doctoral canditates

Studierendenangelegenheiten (Dezernat 1: Studium und Lehre)