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Literary studies at the University of Erfurt brings together research in various disciplines concerned with forms, media, and practices of representation. These disciplines include Comparative literature, German literature, American literature, English literature, and Romance and Slavic studies.

The degree programmes we offer include

  • literary studies as a major or minor field of study in the BA programme
  • literary studies as an MA
  • literary studies as a programme in further education

At the University of Erfurt, literary studies is a transdisciplinary field that combines the study of multiple European and American literatures in relation to each other. 


TZM-Colloquium: summer semester 2022
TZM-Colloquium: Events in the summer semester of 2022 You can find the program for the colloquium here.
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Reinhard Koselleck, who would have turned 100 years on April 23, is considered one of the most important representatives of historical studies in the 20th century. Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann (Berkeley) will present his new book on Koselleck's…

In their contribution to IdeAs: Idées d’Amériques, Ilka Saal and Jade Thomas investigate the form and function of plays-within-plays in contemporary African American drama.