"Coined history". The Gotha Numismatic Collection

The numismatic collections of Friedenstein Gotha form a unique, historically evolved collection comprising the original historical coin cabinet, coin collections, numismatic literature, and related manuscripts. This connection is hardly visible today, as the various collection holdings have been distributed among the archive, library, and museum in the course of history. The historical coin cabinet and the historical numismatic literature are located in the Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt, the coin collection in the Friedenstein Castle Foundation of Gotha and the manuscripts in the State Archives of Thuringia– Gotha State Archives.

Both the coin collection and the numismatic library encompassing manuscripts and printed works rank among the largest German collections of their kind today. The Gotha Research Library and the Friedenstein Castle Foundation of Gotha are continuously expanding them and making them digitally accessible and usable. The Gotha Research Centre of the University of Erfurt explores the historical contexts of numismatics and its significance for the history of knowledge.

A part of these activities is the storytelling web app "Coined History. The Gotha Numismatic Collection". Starting from a 360° panorama, you can explore the historical Numismatic Collection online. Immerse yourself in the eventful history of the Numismatic Collection, its coins, medals, and curators. Learn more about historical coin knowledge and today's methods of coin indexing and digitisation.

Gotha Coin Cabinet