The Herzog-Ernst-Scholarship

Welcoming the 2019 Duke Ernst Scholarship Holders

The Herzog-Ernst-Scholarship Programme at the Gotha Research Library and the Gotha Research Centre of the University of Erfurt promotes academic study of the library's holdings and the historical collections of the Justus Perthes publishing house and the Friedenstein Palace Foundation of Gotha. The focus lies on:

  • The culture of the European princely court using the example of Gotha;
  • History of publishing and the book trade;
  • Cultures of knowledge and science as global, transfer and interconnected histories in the 16th to 20th centuries;
  • Reception and history of European literature, primarily 16th to early 19th centuries;
  • History of the religious cultures of classical antiquity, Protestantism and Islam;
  • Philosophy and history of the German and European Enlightenment;
  • Heterodoxy, dissidence and subversion;
  • History of science and knowledge in the humanities, e.g., numismatics, oriental studies, philology;
  • History of knowledge of the natural sciences, such as alchemy, astronomy and botany;
  • History of knowledge of spatial disciplines, such as geography, geology, ethnology and statistics, 16th to 20th centuries;
  • Cartographical and imperial history;
  • Cartography and "critical geopolitics" as well as
  • Object history and historical research on material culture.

Doctoral scholarships (€ 1,300 per month, for 1 to 9 months) and post-doctoral scholarships (€ 1,800 per month, for 1 to 6 months) are awarded. Applications that comply with the following funding formats are particularly welcome: Exploratory scholarships for doctoral students to enable them to embark on a doctoral project, as well as "Text and Object" scholarships for doctoral students and post-docs specifically addressing the relationship between text and object. Projects related to the research centre's main areas of work are also particularly welcome (profile scholarship). Senior scholars are invited to apply for a Job Ludolf Fellowship (reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs up to € 1,500 per month, for 1 to 2 months). For scholarship holders with children, a family allowance of € 100 per month is granted. We welcome applications from women.

For further information, please visit the Gotha Research Centre's website.