Gothaische Zeitung digital

The “Gothaische Zeitung: Gothaer neueste Nachrichten” (Gotha Newspaper: Gotha’s Latest News) was the most important and longest-lived regional periodical, which also had a national circulation. The daily newspaper was published by Friedrich Christoph Perthes and Mevius-Verlag and, in addition to current news from Germany and abroad, also carried the contents of the “Regierungs- und Intelligenzblatt” (Government and Intelligence Gazette) in its main section since 1854.

At times, the government-related newspaper carried the title of “Amtlicher Anzeiger für das Herzogtum Gotha” (Official Gazette for the Duchy of Gotha) and published the law texts of the duchy. The advertising section is also a valuable source of information for political, social and economic history.

The Gotha Research Library preserves the only completely preserved copy of the “Gothaische Zeitung” in 69 volumes from 1850 to 1918, the political end of the duchy. In order to be able to take the unwieldy newspaper volumes threatened by paper deca, out of use and at the same time make them more accessible, they are being completely digitized and made available in open access in the periodicals portal Journals@UrMEL of the Thuringian University and State Library in Jena.

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