Print, copy and scan

In the reading area of the Gotha Research Library you can reproduce books and other documents from the year of publication 1851 onwards that do not pose a conservation risk. A multi-function device, a book scanner and two microform scanners are available for this purpose. Please observe the legal provisions of copyright law.

Multi-function device

Our multi-function device allows you to copy, print files from a USB stick, scan and save originals (b/w or colour).

There are two ways to scan in copy mode:

  • Q-Pilot Scan: for students and employees of the University of Erfurt. The personal scan is automatically uploaded to the campus-wide portal, which can be accessed with the known login data.
  • “External storage” function: for all users. The scanned pages are saved on a USB stick that you bring with you (formats pdf, jpg, tiff, xps).

Printing and copying costs

A4 Black/white: € 0.04 I Colour: € 0.08; A3 Black/white: € 0.20 I Colour: € 0.40

Scanning is free of charge.

Copy cards

You need a copy card to be able to copy on the multi-function machine.

Copy cards worth € 5 are available at the vending machine in the Gotha Research Library It operates with EC and credit cards.

Copy cards purchased at the Erfurt University Library are also valid.

Thoska holders at the University of Erfurt and other Thuringian universities can use their thoska as a copy and payment card (prerequisite: loaded e-wallet).


In order to be able to print from the multi-functional device, students and employees of the University of Erfurt must link the purchased copy card once with their University of Erfurt login name and password. The link is made at a PC equipped with a card reader in the entrance area of the Erfurt University Library. After logging in to the print cost management portal with the username and password, the card serial number is recorded with the card reader. You can then initiate print jobs and view them at any time via the campus-wide portal.

External library users, including thoska holders from other Thuringian universities, can only print out via USB stick (documents in the following formats: pdf, jpg, tiff and xps). Payment is made with the copy card or thoska.

Mobile printing

You cannot currently send print jobs from the freely accessible terminals in the library.

Book scanners and microform scanners

Book scanners

For book-friendly scanning, please use the book scanner next to the multi-function device. You will need a USB stick for saving. It is free to use.

Microform scanner

At the two microform scanners, you can read microfilms and microfiches and scan them with the option of saving them to a USB stick. It is free to use.

Photographs of historical holdings

In the special reading room area, you can photograph holdings with your own devices (smartphones, tablets or digital cameras). You can make the recordings for personal and scientific purposes. You can also make scans of microforms of handwritten holdings free of charge using the microform scanner. To do this, please complete the photo recording form. Please check in advance whether the holding is already available online.

Further details can be found in the flyer entitled “Use of Historical Books and other Valuable Materials”.

Reproduction services

Reproduction services

If desired, you can order reproductions from manuscripts, historical prints and other valuable holdings as well as scan and photo orders from the modern holdings on site at the lending desk, in the special reading room or request them in writing

To do so, please fill out the order form for repro services and send it to us by post or e-mail. For reproduction options and costs incurred, please refer to the current administrative costs list. For orders from abroad, we ask for advance payment.

We decide on the possibility and type of reproduction according to the conservational conditions of the original. We will make all titles publicly available in our Digital Historical Library.

Publication of reproductions

For publications of reproductions, please obtain permission. Publication permits for scientific purposes are free of charge; permits for commercial purposes are subject to a fee. These are based on the administrative costs list and are charged according to the type and scope of use.

Please provide us with the following information for the preparation of the publication permit:

  • Your address or the address of the institution with the name of a contact person
  • Author, title, publication note as well as the shelf mark of the desired object
  • Sheet or page reference of the desired motif
  • Title and expected date of publication in which the illustration is to be used (in the case of print publications, if already known, with details of the number of pages, print run and selling price)

We would be pleased to receive a free copy of your publication. For electronic publications, please send us a note with the access options (URN/DOI).

The digital copies from the Digital Historical Library, which you can download as PDF files, are generally subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 Germany licence (CC BY-SA 4.0). You can use these without obtaining permission. This also applies to the public domain digital copies of the library in the periodicals portal journals@UrMEL (CC0).

Terms of use for digital copies of the Gotha Research Library

The online offerings of the Erfurt/Gotha Digital Historical Library are, unless otherwise noted, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA).

These include image digitisations, structural data, full texts as well as data from databases (in the form that can be queried via OAI) that are freely available online. Please note that other rights may apply to third-party documents offered via the website of the Gotha Research Library.


The online digital collections of the Erfurt/Gotha Digital Historical Library are freely available for use by all interested parties worldwide under a CC BY-SA licence. In addition to the general restrictions set out in, a) the author must be named in the form described below and b) the offer must be made under the same conditions, i.e. above all freely and without charge.

a. In the case of attribution (BY), proof in the following form must be provided on the offer page in a suitable place, but in any case, within the domain of the offer. If your own persistent link (PURL, URN, etc.) is used, the persistent link of the "Erfurt/Gotha Digital Historical Library" must be above, below or next to your own persistent link. (Cf. CC BY-SA, Section 4.a and 4.c.)

In print:
Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt, [Shelf mark] <[Persistent URL]> (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt, Chart. B 24 <> (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

On the Internet (HTML source code):
Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt, [Shelf mark] <[Persistent URL]> (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt, Chart. B 24 <> (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Abbreviation for "Gotha Research Library of the University of Erfurt" when cited more than once: FB Gotha

b. When making available on equal terms, it should be noted that the work must be made available freely, without charge and in the spirit of promoting culture and the sciences. Not covered by this licence are typical commercial products such as publishing journals that users have to pay for, online offerings with restricted access, and types of use that are aimed exclusively at advertising or other non-scientific purposes. For all the latter cases, a special use with costs must be agreed upon.

If you would like to publish an image from the Gotha Research Library and the planned use does not meet the above criteria of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International Licence (CC BY-SA), please contact the library's information desk ( for permission to publish.