Various online catalogues are available to search for material in the Gotha Research Library. The holdings from the year of publication 1921 onwards as well as the majority of the historical prints can be ordered via the library's online catalogue. Some of the historical holdings can only be found via catalogues for manuscripts and historical prints.

If you would like to order items not listed in the online catalogue, please fill out a loan slip in the library and hand it in at the lending desk.

Ordering historical holdings and other special holdings

Manuscripts, bequests, historical prints and other valuable holdings are subject to special conditions of use for reasons of conservation. They are made available in the special reading room. As a rule, you can only use particularly valuable or delicate objects in the form of microfilms or other reproductions.

Please register at least one day before your visit, stating your wishes. The use of manuscripts is only possible after prior registration, stating the scientific purpose of use. Students and doctoral candidates need a written reference from the university lecturer.

Please also note the information sheet with the usage instructions for historical holdings and special collections.

To the catalogues

Provision and lending

The printed collections stored in the stacks at the Friedenstein Palace are made available at the circulation desk or in the special reading room at 9.30 a.m., 1.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. during opening hours.

The holdings located in the external magazine and modern literature from the University Library of Erfurt are made available within three to four working days.

The majority of the holdings published in 1921 or later can be ordered for home loan. Historical prints and other collections that cannot be borrowed are lent in the (special) reading room and issued there.

The following cannot be borrowed and can only be used in the (special) reading room:

  • Books from the open access area
  • Books published before 1921
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Historical holdings and other special holdings

Loan periods

Loan periods:

  • Books published from 1921 onwards: 28 days
  • Media from the media library of the UB Erfurt: 28 days (yellow sticker)
  • Historical holdings and other special holdings are kept available for the duration of use

The media are available for pick up for 7 days.


You can reserve borrowed media in the online catalogue. The reservation can be cancelled at any time in the user account. You will be notified as soon as the desired medium is available for you.

Students and employees of the university receive a free notification by e-mail.

This also applies to external users if they provide us with a valid e-mail address. Otherwise, they will receive a postal notification for a postage fee.

To the administrative costs directory


You can extend the loan period a maximum of two times if

  • the work is not reserved
  • your user account is not locked.

If you need works beyond two renewals, please present them at the lending desk for re-booking.

Extension options


  • To the lending desk
  • Outside the opening hours of the lending desk of the Gotha Research Library in the Erfurt University Library to the control desk
  • By post (the date of receipt is considered the date of return)

Please check your loan periods regularly and renew the borrowed media in good time.

Reminders and overdue notices

Reminder e-mail
University students automatically receive an e-mail two days before the loan period is due to expire, reminding them to return or renew borrowed media. External users can use this service if they provide us with a valid e-mail address. If the reminder e-mail cannot be delivered, you as the user are still responsible for meeting the deadline.

Overdue notice
If the loan period is exceeded, the following overdue fees are due:

  • 1st overdue notice: € 1.50 per volume
  • 2nd overdue notice: additional € 2.50 per volume
  • 3rd overdue notice: additional € 4.00 per volume

Before the 2nd or 3rd overdue notice is issued, there is a ten-day period to return the overdue media or apply for an extension at the lending desk. Overdue notice letters for exceeding the loan period will only be sent to students and employees of the university by e-mail.

Please pay overdue fines at the payment machine in the cloakroom of the Gotha Research Library or in cash at the lending desk during service hours.

To the administrative costs directory

Loss of media

Please contact the lending desk if you have lost a loaned book.

To the administrative costs directory