Reading room and working places

Reading room area

The literature in the open access area is arranged systematically. It can be used at the workstations in the library.

In the reading room area, you can use:

  • PC workstations with LAN and WLAN with access to databases
  • Multi-function device for copying, printing, scanning
  • Book scanner, microform scanner (self-service)
  • Microform readers

Cloakroom lockers are located in the entrance area.

Special reading room

Manuscripts, bequests, historical prints and other valuable holdings can be viewed in the special reading room. As a rule, you can only use particularly valuable objects or those whose conservation is endangered in the form of microfilms or other reproductions. Please understand that you may only work with pencil and notebook in the special reading room for conservation reasons. Further details can be found in the flyer entitled “Guidelines for using the historical book collection”.

Please register for the use of manuscripts and archives at least one working day before your visit at

WLAN and Internet

You can work in the library with private notebooks and other mobile devices.

Access to the Internet is available via WLAN, specifically eduroam. Members of the University of Erfurt and other institutions from the eduroam network are entitled to use the service.

All information on the University of Erfurt's WLAN, as well as detailed instructions and instructions for use can be found on the University Computing and Media Centre's website.

Guest researchers outside the eduroam network can apply for guest access at the University Computing and Media Centre ( LAN cables are available if required.

If you have any questions or problems using your notebook or mobile device, please contact the University Computing and Media Centre.