„Study Center for Protestantism”

One-sheet print for the anniversary of the Augsburg Confession, 1630.

Since 2011, the Gotha Research Library has been running the project entitled "Expansion of the Gotha Research Library into a Research and Study Centre for the Cultural History of Protestantism in the Early Modern Period" (in short: Protestantism Study Centre). Within the framework of the Reformation Decade (2008-2017), this infrastructure project aimed to dovetail the library's diverse activities, from indexing and research to the digitisation of its collections on the history of the Reformation and Protestantism. At the same time, the library organises numerous exhibitions, conferences and lectures, networks with university and non-university institutions, infrastructure facilities and researchers, develops its digital services and publishes the results of its work in exhibition catalogues, conference proceedings and online. The project is being carried out within the framework of the DFG action line for the promotion of outstanding research libraries. Together with the library's cataloguing, research and digitisation projects for its collection on the history of the Reformation, the project provides excellent conditions for the expansion of the Gotha Research Library into a centre for source-based research on Protestantism.