School projects

The Gotha Research Library is a place of learning for schools and facilitates school projects. The historical rooms of the library, in particular the Duke Ernst Chamber and the Hall of Mirrors, are available for this purpose with the appropriate technical equipment. For the courses, the historical library objects can be used in the original or in the form of copies and digital copies. If desired, the library will work out the events together with the teachers.

In order to be able to organise events in the best possible way according to your wishes and requirements, please provide us with the necessary information.

Guided tours for school classes

In the guided tours, trained staff present the impressive historical rooms of the library as well as selected books, manuscripts and library objects in the original while walking through the library and engaging in conversation with the pupils.

Eva-Maria Ansorg
Cataloger and Program Specialist
(Gotha Research Library)
Forschungsbibliothek Gotha (Gotha, Schlossplatz 1)