Registration, User account

Registration and Deregistration


If you would like to borrow books and other media from the Gotha Research Library and use other services, you will need a user card.

We require the following documents for registration:

  • Registration form
  • Students at the University of Erfurt: Identity card or passport and thoska (incl. library card)
  • Employees of the University of Erfurt: Identity card or passport, docket from the personnel department and the thoska (incl. library card)
  • All other persons: Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration or residence permit, if applicable thoska (incl. library card) from another Thuringian university
  • Library users under 18 years of age require the declaration of a legal guardian

If you register with a thoska, it will be activated as a library card.


Before you can terminate the user relationship (e.g., in the course of exmatriculation from the University of Erfurt), please return all borrowed media as well as the user card and settle all outstanding debts.

If you would like to remain registered as a library user after exmatriculation, please contact the lending desk.

Limitation of the right of use

The validity of the library card is limited:

  • Students at the University of Erfurt: 13 months
  • External library users: 2 years

You can find the specific time limit in the user account. After expiry of the usage authorisation, the library card will be locked. Lending activities such as renewals, orders and reservations are no longer possible. To renew your authorisation to use the library and reactivate your library card, please go to the lending desk and present a valid identity document.

Loss of the user card

Please contact the lending desk if you have lost your user card or thoska.

User account information

In the online catalogue, click on the user account tab and log in with the number of your user card or your thoska and your personal password (see below).

In your user account you will find all the essential information:

  • Loans: the media you have ordered and borrowed and their loan period end date with the option to renew
  • Reservations: the reservations you have made with the option of cancelling them
  • Costs: outstanding fees
  • Your data: personal details (address, library news)
  • Password: option to change the password


The user account is password protected. The default password is your date of birth. In every case,

  • for registrations before 01.01.2013: eight digits in the form DDMMYYYY
  • for registrations after 01.01.2013: six digits in the form DDMMYY

You can change the password yourself in the online catalogue in the user account. Protect your card from misuse by changing the default password. The new password should contain at least 4 characters.

Forgotten password?  Please use the "Forgotten password" function when logging in to the user account. You can request a new temporary password, which will be sent to you by e-mail.

Account locking

In certain cases, your user account will be locked so that no more activities are possible with the library card. Reasons for locking include:

  • The outstanding fees are EUR 10 or more.
  • The user has been reminded for the third time that the borrowed media has not been returned within the loan period.
  • The validity of the library card has expired.
  • Security measure to prevent misuse of library cards (or the thoska) found in the library

In all cases, please contact the lending desk during service hours.

Barbara Lenski-Leihbecher
Barbara Lenski-Leihbecher
Information Desk, Library and Interlibrary Loan
(Gotha Research Library)
Forschungsbibliothek Gotha (Gotha, Schlossplatz 1)