Current projects

Mass Deacidification of Book, Atlas and Map Collections of the Perthes Publishing Library

The voucher copy collection and the library of the Perthes Collection largely contain printed works whose production coincides with the beginning of industrial paper production, so that they are affected by progressive paper decay. The Research Library safeguards and preserves these holdings through mass deacidification measures. The deacidification measures have been carried out since 2009. The deacidification was funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in 2018.

Duration: since 2009

Funding organisation: The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media / Funding for the preservation of the written cultural heritage (2018 measure)

Funding amount: € 21,000

Project group
Head: Cornelia Hopf (until 10/2019), Dr Monika E. Müller (from 11/2019), Ilsabe Münzberg