Winter Term 2021/22

Contemporary Narratives of Slavery
Introduction to Literary Studies
Post-millennial Fiction
Stufu: Climate Change Theatre Action
Introduction to American Literary History: Colonial to Antebellum Period
Literature of 9/11
Nineteenth-Century American Children's Classics
Seeing Whiteness

Summer Term 2021

Introduction to Literatures in English
Theater of Race
Academic Writing in English
Lecture: The City in American Literature
Harlem Renaissance
Climate Fi/action
Jewish Literature
Anti-Racism and Diversity Awareness
19th-Century American Children's Classics

Winter Term 2020/21

The City in American Literature
American Melodrama
Introduction to American Literary History
Literature and the Long Civil Rights Movement
Academic Writing
19th Century American Children’s Classics
Introduction to Literatures in English
American Life Writing
Readings in Early American Literature