German Literature


The study of German literature at the University of Erfurt is focused on works written since the early modern period, that is, from the sixteenth century to the present.

The two professorships in this field work together with scholars in English and American studies, Romance and Slavic studies, and comparative literature as focal points within the University of Erfurt’s transphilological model of literary studies. This model sees literature not primarily in terms of individual national linguistic cultures but as a particular form of expression and linguistic representation, and of its rules and procedures, functions, aesthetic practices, and media.

Studying German literature in Erfurt allows students and scholars to concentrate on the specific forms and histories of German-language literature, while also always considering this literature in dialogue with other literatures, and as part of an ensemble of different media. This is done within the framework of the BA and MA degree programmes in literary studies. It is also possible to complete a doctorate in the field of German literature/German studies in the structured doctoral programme Texts.Signs.Media.

In conjunction with German linguistics and the didactics of language and literature, course offerings in German literature are part of the BA degree in German studies and offer a range of modules for degree programmes in teacher training.

Areas of research focus in Erfurt include literature and rhetoric, literature and knowledge or literature and science, and literature as media studies.