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Article on to climate protection and health promotion published in new book

Mirjam Jenny, Jule Schmitz and Cornelia Betsch are co-authors of an article that has now appeared in the book "Jetzt oder nie: Nachhaltigkeit im Gesundheitswesen" ("Now or Never: Sustainability in Healthcare").

"Jetzt oder nie," edited by Jürgen Graalmann, Eckart von Hirschhausen and Kerstin Blum (Stiftung Gesunde Erde - Gesunde Menschen), takes a look at the special role and impact of health care, including how health care can act as a driver for the transformation of society toward sustainability and climate protection.

"Climate Protection and Health Promotion: On the Value of Social and Behavioral Science Approaches" is the title of the article that Mirjam A. Jenny, Jule M. Schmitz, and Cornelia Betsch have now contributed to the book.

A climate and health policy that understands human behavior can effectively change behavior through cleverly set framework conditions, the authors write in their article. If public health decision makers give central consideration to those factors that promote behaviourial change, climate and health policy decisions can be better explained, misinformation can be prevented and contained, socially just policies can be implemented, and collateral damage at the systemic and individual levels can be minimized.

The book can be ordered here.


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