Winter Semester 2019/20 | Poster Presentation: Media & Migration

Poster by S. Myagkova, N. Prange, M. Urschel

The class "Media and Migration in International Comparative Perspective" held by Sabrina Schmidt in the winter semester 2019/20 was concluded with a poster presentation showing the progress of several second-year student projects.

Svetlana Myagkova, Nina Prange and Manuel Urschel

"This study examines the potential of social media as a communicative channel to facilitate community-related discourse in diasporic public sphericules. Indeed, in Habermas’ terms, we can say that social media has the potential to be a public sphere enabling social encounters. However, our analysis shows that the discourse itself does not take place – the homogeneity of comments creates the impression of a close community, which doesn’t arise from it but is rather articulated, confirmed, and strengthened by it."

To view all posters presented, have a look at the online poster exhibition!

06/2019 | Fragile Democracies: The role of the media in Somalia and Ethiopia - Student Presentation

Mufutau Muyiwa and Rachael Akalusi examined fragile democracies (Somalia and Ethiopia) within the context of socio-political realities (polarization, pluralism and participation); access to information, especially in the digital landscape; the role of the media in nation building and the variables which enhance or constrain the media in the pursuit of its natural obligations.