All about Term Papers


Ein Student arbeitet an einem Laptop in der Universitätsbibliotek der Universität Erfurt

For term papers in English and American Studies, please use the following style sheets.

For term papers in English Linguistics, you may use the following template:

For a BA thesis in Literary Studies, the following guidelines apply:


Resources for Research

  • Library Catalogue: All books of the local library are listed in the Library Catalogue. There is also information whether the respective title is available or lent out.
  • GBV: The GBV is a library network. The search will consult all libraries that are part of the network and a book that is not available at Erfurt can be ordered for an interlibrary loan.
  • EZB: EZB is the electronic journal library where scientific journals are available to read online. Journals for which the library at Erfurt holds a subscription can be accessed from a computer within the university network.
  • KVK: The Virtual Catalogue at Karlsruhe allows for searching in various catalogues at the same time, as for instance diverse library networks and national libraries.
  • Web of Knowledge: Bibliographies of already found articles are a good way of research. However, only articles older than the one present can be found this way. The Web of Knowledge offers the possibility to search who cited a specific reference in a later publication.
  • MLA: The Bibliography of the Modern Language Association is an important research tool both for literary scholars as well as for linguists.
  • Bibliography of Linguistic Literature: The BLL is a collection of linguistic works that can be accessed from within the university computer network.

Books on Academic Writing

We recommend the following books to students who are new to academic writing:

  • Day, T. (2018). Success in Academic Writing. 2nd edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
  • Greetham, B. (2018). How to Write Better Essays. 4th edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
  • Godfrey, J. (2018). How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays. 3rd edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave.
  • Redman, P. & Maples, W. (2017). Good Essay Writing. 5th edition. London: Sage.