Fellows der Deutsch-äthiopischen Stipendieninitiative

Karte Abessinien

Samuel Kidane Haile (Mekelle University)
Dissertationsprojekt „Historical Sources, Oral Traditions and Interpretations on the Period of Ras Sihul Mikael 1692-1780“

Zegeye Woldemariam Ambo (Mekelle University/ Bonga Teacher’s College)
Dissertationsprojekt „The Kingdom of Kafa: An Ecological and Political Ethnohistory from the late 14th to the early 20th centuries“

Fesseha Berhe Gebregergis (Mekelle University)
Dissertationsprojekt „Dobᶜa of Ethiopia“

Bereket Hasen Beddecha (Mekelle University)
Dissertationsprojekt „New Media and Conflict in Contemporary Ethiopia“