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Dual study programme for secondary school teaching starts in winter semester 2024/25 at the University of Erfurt

Thuringia is taking a new approach to recruiting teachers and is creating a dual study programme for secondary school teaching. The new degree programme can be studied at the University of Erfurt from the winter semester 2024/25, with 50 places available.

Dual students receive a study contract from the Free State of Thuringia with a monthly payment and are bound to the Free State for the duration of their studies and – including the preparatory service ("Referendariat") – for a further five years.

The dual study programme for secondary school teaching is even more practice-oriented and is primarily aimed at motivating people to study to become a teacher who previously could not imagine or afford it. In addition, the Ministry of Education hopes that this will have an even better steering effect for prospective students into a type of school that is in demand and in regions that are in demand. Education Minister Helmut Holter: "The new course offerings are unique in Germany in this way: Students can gain extensive practical experience during their studies and are therefore not only financially independent, but also experience what school reality is like. This enables them to combine theory and practice in a meaningful way right from the start. We are thus making the teaching profession and the educational state of Thuringia even more attractive and helping Thuringia's mainstream and community schools enormously."

Professor Gerd Mannhaupt, Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Erfurt, adds:

We have made great efforts over the past two years to develop this first dual study programme in Germany for secondary school teaching. It was a team effort and shows once again that the University of Erfurt is a reliable partner in and for Thuringia when it comes to teacher training. We are ready and looking forward to starting the first intake of students in the winter semester."

From the winter semester of 2024/2025, 50 students will be able to receive practical training at a secondary school in one of the five school district areas alongside their theoretical university education. Interested students initially have the choice between the subjects German, Mathematics, English and Business Studies/Technology, two of which they must choose to study at the University of Erfurt.

During the first year of study, students learn the basics at the university. From the third semester onwards, they then spend three weekdays at the university and complete two days of practical work experience at the school. The new course offerings provide for a Bachelor's degree and, building on this, a Master's degree. The subsequent preparatory service is shortened to twelve months due to the practical experience already gained during the degree programme. After successfully completing the programme, graduates are bound to the Thuringian teaching profession for five years.

The application for the dual study programme for secondary school teaching is made via the Thuringian State career portal: www.karriere.thueringen.de. The application and selection process is organised and carried out by the state education authorities. The application deadline starts on 01 May and ends on 31 May. Re-registration for the application will take place from 16 July 2024.

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