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How can Malaysia unlock a low-carbon future? New policy brief by Andreas C. Goldthau and IASS colleagues

A new policy brief from Prof. Andreas C. Goldthau and IASS colleagues identifies a path to advance Malaysia’s energy transition. Through stakeholder workshops and subsequent analysis, the IASS team identified three core recommendations to advance Malaysia’s energy transition.

Kuala Lumpur bei Nacht
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Malaysia is at risk for missing necessary targets in the energy transition given the current reliance on fossil fuels for the economy and government revenues. However, in interviews with Malaysian energy experts and subsequent stakeholder-driven Cross Impact Balance Analysis, three recommendations have been identified to advance the energy transition in Malaysia.

  1. Broaden the range of actors in Malaysia’s electricity sector
  2. Involve stakeholders in the policy design process
  3. Prioritize green growth in post-pandemic recovery programs

For more on these recommendations and the research led by Brandt School Professor Andreas C. Goldthau, check out the full policy brief here

This is the first in a series of policy briefs presenting recommendations to advance energy transitions in Malaysia, Kenya, and Jordan.