Organization of theses in the bachelor's degree program in international relations

Theses in the BA International Relations

You are studying BA International Relations and would like to write your final thesis (BA Thesis) at the Professorship of International Relations, the Professorship of International Politics and Conflict Studies or the Department of International Politics? Then please note the following information:

13thweek of lectures - Expression of interest in PDF format by email to From now on, the distribution of interested students to the lecturers - who accompany the process of writing the bachelor's thesis - will be done centrally, towards the end of the lecture period of the semester preceding the semester in which the bachelor's thesis is to be written. For this purpose, it is necessary to send an expression of interest to at the beginning of the 13th week of the lecture period (Monday-Wednesday). Please refer to the table below for the exact dates.

You would like to write your bachelor's thesis in the winter semester? Then please send your expression of interest at the beginning of the 13th week of lectures of the preceding summer semester to the above mentioned email address. You would like to write your bachelor's thesis in the summer semester? Then please send your expression of interest at the beginning of the 13th week of lectures of the preceding winter semester to the above mentioned email address.

Suggested topics

Time window for expression of interest Planned semester for thesis
27.-29.06.2022 Wintersemester 2022/23
16.-18.01.2023 Sommersemester 2023
03.-05.07.2023 Wintersemester 2023/24
22.-24.01.2024 Sommersemester 2024
24.-26.06.2024 Wintersemester 2024/25
20.-22.01.2025 Sommersemester 2025

Content of the expression of interest

Your expression of interest should include brief but meaningful answers to the following questions:

  1. What topic would you like to work on? What exactly are you interested in?
  2. Why do you think this topic is important from a scientific and overall societal perspective?
  3. What specific research question do you derive from your research interest?
  4. How do you want to work on your topic/answer your question, i.e. 4.a) on the basis of which theoretical preliminary considerations and 4.b) with the help of which research methods?
  5. To which strand of the literature do you want to connect? Which five texts that seem particularly important to you for answering your question have you already read in the course of your studies?
  6. How do you plan to structure your bachelor's thesis? Please write an annotated outline in which you explain in two sentences for each main point of the outline what its purpose is in the structure of the thesis, i.e. what you intend to do concretely.


Please note that the regulations outlined here only apply if you intend to write your bachelor's thesis on a topic related to international relations, international politics, or conflict studies.

If the topic of your thesis falls within another subject area of Economics, Law and Social Sciences, please contact another faculty member in the appropriate discipline directly.

Please note that external supervision of the BA thesis, e.g. by a faculty member at the Willy-Brandt-School or the Max-Weber-Kolleg is possible in principle. However, this must be done in early and close consultation with a faculty member of StaWi.

Expert report/recommendation letter

As Prof. Kessler is in sabbatical (term), his availability for expert reports and recommendations is limited. Thank you for your understanding!

We are happy to provide an expert report or letter of recommendation for master's programs, scholarships, etc., for which you would like to apply.

Third semester/formulated expert reports for semesters abroad

Here, special attention is paid to the grade of the course "Introduction to International Relations I". The preparation of an endorsing expert report is only possible for students who have completed this exam with a grade of at least 2.3.

Expert reports for MA study places

Expert reports can now only be prepared for students who have completed seminars in IB with appropriately high grades. Please contact the instructor with whom you have attended these seminars directly with your request for an expert report.

If you meet the above conditions, please send - at least four weeks before the deadline for submission of the expert report/recommendation letter - a

  • a request by e-mail describing what you need the expert report/recommendation letter for and by when
  • your current ELVIS grade report
  • your bachelor's degree certificate (if you have already completed your studies)
  • your CV and letter of motivation, which you usually have to attach to your application anyway
  • the form to fill in, if available/requested by the recipient

Notes on scientific work

Here you will find some suggestions for structured work around lectures, seminars and theses:

Learning Agreements

On the pages of the International Office you will find all important information and forms concerning Learning Agreements.

On the pages of the Examination Board BA of the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences you will find all important information about the recognition of study achievements abroad.

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