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Bachelor study

André Brodocz teaches in the BA programs "Economics, Law and Social Sciences" and "International Relations". His regular courses include the lecture "Demokratietheorien" as well as seminars on "Macht", "Representative Demokratietheorien", "Theorien zur dunklen Seite moderner Staatlichkeit" and „Globale Gerechtigkeit". As part of the Studium fundamentale (Stufu), he also offers (more or less) regularly with Gerhard Wegner the interdisciplinary seminar „Kapitalismus und Demokratie“ .

Further information for students can be found on Moodle.

Requirements for written examinations

When writing written examination papers for the professorship of political theory, please use the hints for writing written papers as well as a list of the most important journals in the field of political theory.

Hints for the preparation of written papers

Political theory journals

Research in essay databases

Requirements for internship reports

Note that you should ask Prof. Brodocz for his approval on the internship form before (!) starting your internship. (The form can be found here.) To do so, submit this form, completed and signed by you, to the secretariat, Ms. Pilz, prior to the internship.

Also note that a minimum of 4 weeks must be allowed for corrections to internship reports. Instructions for the preparation of the internship report can be found here.

Master study

In the MA program, André Brodocz teaches in the modules "Theory of Democracy" and "Modern Political Theory". The topics of the seminars here are more closely linked to current research interests than in the BA program. These include in-depth studies of individual theorists, such as recent seminars on "Law and Society in Jürgen Habermas and Niklas Luhmann," on the "Politics of Fear (Cass Sunstein)," or on "Democratic Legitimacy (Pierre Rosanvallon)," as well as overviews of current debates in research (for example, in the current semester on the democratic theory discussion on the representation of women by women).

Further information for students can be found on Moodle.

Postgraduate studies

In postgraduate teaching for doctoral candidates, André Brodocz is involved in the graduate center "Center for Political Practices and Orders" (C2PO). For more information, please click here.