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Conference on Johann Christian von Boineburg

In collaboration with the Research Centre for Early Modern Natural Law, Professor Martin Mulsow, Director of the Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt, and Professor Gábor Gángó (Budapest) are organising a conference entitled: "Natural Law, Politics and the Reform of Society" from 30 November to 1 December at the Gotha Research Centre. It is dedicated to the scholar and diplomat Johann Christian von Boineburg and his political work.

View of the Gotha Research Centre with its headquarters in the Landscape House
The Gotha Research Centre, based in the "Landschaftshaus".

With the participation of Dr József Simon (Szeged), Dr Stefanie Ertz (Berlin/Gotha), Dr Mikkel Jensen (Erfurt/Gotha), Professor Michael Kempe (Hanover) and Hannes Amberger (Berlin), the project will primarily examine Boineburg's correspondence and books annotated by him.

Johann Christian von Boineburg was born in Eisenach on 12 April 1622. He studied in Jena and later in Helmstedt. His marriage to Anna Christine Schütz von Holzhausen produced his important son, Philipp Wilhelm Reichsgraf von Boineburg (1656–1717). The last years of Johann Christian's life were intellectually shaped by his encounter with the young Leipzig jurist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who not only became Philipp Wilhelm's tutor, but thanks to Boineburg also obtained a position at the Mainz court of Johann Philipp von Schönborn. A number of works by the young Leibniz were written in collaboration with Boineburg. Boineburg died in Mainz on 8 December 1672. Philipp Wilhelm was appointed governor of the Electoral-Mainzian city of Erfurt and rector of Erfurt University and moved his father's library from Mainz to Erfurt to maintain and expand it.


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