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Call for Papers: Bachtin-Lefebvre Prize for Studies in Spatio Temporality

For the second time, the research group “Spatio-Temporal Studies Erfurt” announces the awarding of the Bachtin-Lefebvre Prize for Studies in SpatioTemporality.

The prize to be awarded is named after two theoreticians who dealt in their work with significant aspects of Spatiality, Temporality and SpatioTemporality. These works have not lost their value and pertinence for innovative social and cultural sciences. The prize will be rewarded in the form of printing subsidies in the amount of 2.500 EUR. A prerequisite for the subsidy is the inclusion of the publication in the series “SpatioTemporality".

Procedure: Formats eligible for the prize are monographs, preferably in English, on the topics related to SpatioTemporality, coming from all disciplines. Further, academic qualifications completed in 2019 or 2020 (the date that is decisive here is that of the last examination).Beside the paper itself, the candidate should supply us with an abstract (of about one page),a paper of about two pages in which the motivation behind the application is to be explained, a CV, and, in case of an academic qualification, the reports on the academic qualification. Please send all documents in electronic form (max. 5 MB) to: raumzeitforschung@uni-erfurt.deApplication deadline is the 31/12/2020.

The winner will be announced at the latest at end of March 2021. The Bachtin-Lefebvre Prize for Studies in SpatioTemporalityis funded by the “SciencefundingErfurt gGmbH”. Only the German version is legally binding.

Research Group "Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations"

The DFG supports the research group “Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations” with around five million Euros. The research group was founded by members of the ERZ. They are concerned with the question of how religious practices and the urban space have impacted upon each other in history.

Link to the research project (ger.)

Research Project „What is Western about the West?“

Members of the ERZ have raised about 420.000 Euro for the research project „What is Western about the West?“ The University of Erfurt supports the project with a scholarship for PhDs.

Link to the website