Alumni have a say

Since the establishment of the bi-national Master program "Middle Eastern Sociology/Anthropology and History" in 2011/12, the Chair of Westasian History is happy about the successful careers of several cohorts of graduates.

The individual interests and career choices of our graduates are very different and we find it very interesting to learn how their individual careers developed. Here, some of our Alumni have their say and we are looking forward to many more inspiring stories from our (future) graduates.

Statements from our Alumni


"The MESH master program is a very good experience. It helps people from different cultures to meet and learn to understand the other culture."


"MESH was a very good experience, we learned a lot. We experienced and we saw another culture. We lived in a new environment and we made a lot of friends, German friends. So, it was a very good experience."


"I think it is a really good exchange program and it’s a good opportunity in Germany, because it’s provides classes in English and in French which is something that not every university in Germany does. It’s also giving students from the MENA region the chance to go to Germany and to get introduced to the German culture and of course for the Germans the other way around that they are here ."


"It was a great exchange program for me. Personally, it was my first experience living abroad and Germany was my first European country. We got to meet students from different parts of Germany. We got to discuss similarities between Germany and Lebanon, East and West and so on, and the history, the political history. It was a great experience. We actually made some friends we are still in contact with. It was a great exchange program on all levels."