Courses in the summer semester 2024

The current range of courses can be found in the course catalogue of the University of Erfurt. Teaching: PD Dr Astrid Ackermann, Suzanne Foxley and Professor Dr Susanne Rau.

The colloquium programme is currently being prepared. Guests are very welcome.

Courses in the winter semester 2023/24

The current range of courses can be found in the course catalogue of the University of Erfurt. The lecturers are: PD Dr Astrid Ackermann, Dr Kristina Holl, Dr Sarah Keller and Professor Dr Susanne Rau.

The colloquium programme can be downloaded here. Guests are very welcome.

Learning materials for the academic courses

...can be found in the Moodle learning rooms

Please register there. You will be given the necessary access passwords in the respective courses.

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for palaeography fans

1) The Bavarian State Archives offer a reading and practice environment for digital literacy with examples of sources from the 8th to the 20th century.

2. the University of Zurich also offers an introduction to working with sources in the archive in its"Ad fontes" portal. After registering, you can carry out transcription exercises here, but also make any number of other discoveries....

Propaedeutics Guide

The Propaedeutics Guide for the study of Early Modern History is aimed in particular at Bachelor's students.

You are invited to browse through the 22-page booklet or download the 5-page worksheet (A4 format) and print it out if necessary. The content is the same.

Please use this template for the title page and appendix (declaration of independence) for your seminar papers.

Information for exam candidates

Are you enrolled on the master's programme in History, SWK or MEd and intend to write your master's thesis soon? You can find information on supervision here.

Hinweise Betreuung MA

Urban history

The Institute for Comparative Urban History in Münster has set up a portal on urban history that is recommended to all those interested in urban history. It contains introductions to specific periods, bibliographies, sources, (interactive) maps, information on events and much more.

Examinations and results

You can find out the grades of exams, presentations, etc. during consultation hours or via ELVIS. Exam results can be discussed in person with lecturers during their consultation hours.


Archived courses

Here you can find archived courses from previous semesters

Archived reports

Here you can find archived reports on research trips, student exchanges etc.