Research project: Politics of Truth / Political Epistemology

The state of Thuringia is funding a new project at the University of Erfurt with 349,000 euros over the next two years as part of its "FTI Thuringia - Research" funding line. It is entitled "Politiken der Wahrheit. Erfurter Forschungsstelle für politische Epistemologien" and is headed by Professor Bernhard Kleeberg and Professor Ilka Saal. The scientific coordination is done by Dr Antonia Purk.

The aim is to establish a research centre for political epistemologies (theories of knowledge) in Erfurt. This is to serve basic research in the humanities and social sciences, including the social effects of the politics of truth. Institutionally, the research centre aims at coordinated third-party funding and the networking of corresponding research in Thuringia, German and internationally. In the long term, this should have a structure-building effect and establish the University of Erfurt as a centre for political epistemology. In addition to academic workshops and conferences, a series of lectures is planned that will address an interested public beyond the university.


Each semester the project invites all who are interested to their lecture series.