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On February 17, 2022, Deutschlandfunk published a detailed report on the work of the "Frewilligkeit" research group. Among other things, some of the researchers involved have their say on the project.

Podcast with Prof. Jürgen Martschukat entitled "Die Personal-Trainerin im eigenen Wohnzimmer" on the current trend of technically supported fitness training in your own living area. The podcast is part of the "Zeitfragen" series on Deutschlandfunk…


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Official Announcements

Research Group "Contested Democracy"

The Department of North American History is pleased to announce the formation of a research group with the focus "Contested Democracy. Gender, Race and Sex in US American History". The work, which is funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation and begins on February 1, 2021, will be carried out in two subprojects.