Publications - Cornelia Betsch & Team: Health Communication and Psychology

Current Preprints

  • Betsch, C., Korn, L., Felgendreff, L., Eitze, S., & Sprengholz, P. (2020, July 24). Infographic on SARS-CoV-2 Airborne Transmission Improves Opponents’ View of the Benefits of Masks: Evidence from Serial Cross-Sectional and Experimental Data.  
  • Betsch, C., Korn, L., Felgendreff, L., Eitze, S., Schmid, P., Sprengholz, P., Wieler, L., Schmich, P., Stollorz, V., Ramharter, M., Bosnjak, M., Omer, S. B., Thaiss, H., De Bock, F., Von Rüden, U., Lämmlin, G., & Ahrens, P.-A. (2020-2021). German COVID-19 Snapshot Monitoring (COSMO). PsychArchives. Preprints for data collection waves 1-17 available at:
  • Betsch, C., Sprengholz, P., & Sunstein, C. R. (2021, October 26). Health, Technology, and Genre Preferences: A Preliminary Investigation. PsyArXiv.
  • Böhm, R., Betsch, C., Litovsky, Y., Sprengholz, P., Brewer, N., Chapman, G. B., … Kirchler, M. (2022, February 10). Crowdsourcing interventions to promote uptake of COVID-19 booster vaccines. PsyArXiv.
  • Henkel, L., Sprengholz, P., Korn, L., Betsch, C., & Böhm, R. (2022, January 28). Understanding the trouble spot: Does vaccination status identification fuel societal polarization? PsyArXiv.
  • Jirsa, V., Petkoski, S., Wang, H., Woodman, M., Fousek, J., Betsch, C., Felgendreff, L., Bohm, R., Lilleholt, L., Zettler, I., Faber, S., Shen, K., McIntosh, A. R. (2020, August 16). Integrating psychosocial variables and societal diversity in epidemic models for predicting COVID-19 transmission dynamics. medRxiv.
  • Lilleholt, L., Zettler, I., Betsch, C., & Böhm, R. (2020, December 17). Pandemic Fatigue: Measurement, Correlates, and Consequences.
  • Maier, B. F., Wiedermann, M., Burdinski, A., Klamser, P., Jenny, M. A., Betsch, C., & Brockmann, D. (2021, November 26). Germany’s current COVID-19 crisis is mainly driven by the unvaccinated. medRxiv.
  • Rebitschek, F. G., Ellermann, C., Jenny, M. A. , Siegel, N. A., Spinner, C., & Wagner, G. (2021, March 22). How skeptics could be convinced (not persuaded) to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Rees, F., Geiger, M., Lilleholt, L., Zettler, I., Betsch, C., Böhm, R., Wilhelm O. (2022) Measuring parents’ readiness to vaccinate themselves and their children against COVID-19. PsyArXiv.
  • Sprengholz, P., Henkel, L., Böhm, R. & Betsch, C. (2022, May 4). Different interventions for different vaccinations? Effects of psychological factors and health policies on COVID-19 primary and booster vaccine uptake. 

2022 & in press

  • Adeyanju GC., Sprengholz, P., & Betsch, C. (2022). Understanding drivers of vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women in Nigeria: a longitudinal study. Npj Vaccines, 7, 96.
  • Adeyanju G. C., Essoh, T. A., Adamu, A. A., Sanusi, K. G., Head, M. G., Tall, H., & Betsch, C. (2022). Examining enablers of vaccine hesitancy toward routine childhood and adolescent vaccination in Malawi. Global Health Research and Policy, 7, 28.
  • Böhm, R., Betsch, C., Litovsky, Y., Sprengholz, P., Brewer, Noel T., Chapman, G., Leask, J., Loewenstein, G., Scherzer, M., Sunstein, Cass R., Kirchler, M. (in press). Crowdsourcing interventions to promote uptake of COVID-19 booster vaccines. eClinicalMedicine.
  • Böhm, R., Holtmann-Klenner, C., Korn, L., Santana A. P. & Betsch, C. (2022). Behavioral Determinants of Antibiotic Resistance: The Role of Social Information. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being.
  • Elbing, U., Mayer, B., Büngener, K., Sievert, E.D.C., & Schäfer, I. (2022). Diagnostik und Therapie Posttraumatischer Belastungsstörungen bei Menschen mit intellektueller Beeinträchtigung. Trauma & Gewalt, 16(3), 232-248.
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  • Memenga, P., Eitze, S., Shamsrizi, P., Addo, M. M., & Betsch, C. (2022). Debunking Misinformation and Communicating Critical Events in Vaccine Trials: Experimental Evidence on Vaccination Intentions in SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic. European Journal of Health Communication3(2), 64–96.
  • Neufeind, J., Schmid-Küpke, N., Rehfuess, E., Betsch, C., Wichmann, O. (2022). How a generally well-accepted measles vaccine mandate may lead to inequities and decreased vaccine uptake: a preregistered survey study in Germany. BMC Public Health.
  • Ochel, P., Eitze, S., Siegers, R., Betsch, C., & Seufert, A. (2022). Determinants of Adoption and Rejection of Protective Measures During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic: A Longitudinal Study in Germany’s Second Wave. Social Psychological Bulletin17, 1-17.
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