Formalities for seminar papers and theses

  • Cover sheet with name, date, matriculation number, type of work
  • Table of contents and if applicable list of figures and tables
  • Professional layout and formatting, e.g., Arial/Times New Roman, font size 11, 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins
  • Citations and formatting according to APA style (see templates, e.g., in MS Word).

Master theses at the junior professorship

If you would like to write your master thesis at the Junior Professorship, please contact Fabian Prochazka or Henriette Pohle with a topic proposal. Your topic should be related to the research focus of the Junior Professorship.


  • After an initial discussion of your topic, you will write a short synopsis (approx. 5 pages) in which you outline the relevance of your topic, the theoretical background, your concrete research questions, and, if applicable, the empirical design
  • Afterwards, revise the synopsis according to the feedback of your supervisor. Plan for 1-2 rounds of revision and a few weeks of time.
  • Involve a second supervisor in time.
  • You can register the thesis when the synopsis suggests an adequate and timely realization of the master's thesis.
  • The synopsis is the basis for your thesis, you can of course transfer all texts directly into the thesis
  • The formal criteria for seminar papers and theses apply, all further requirements for master's theses can be found on the faculty's website

Current courses

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