Our Team: Management and Organization

Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez

Prof. Dr. Patrick Rössler

Dr. Anne Grüne

  • Coordinator and Study Advisor of the Master's-Program Global Communication: Politics and Society
  • Research Associate/Senior Lecturer at the Department for Media- and Communication Studies
  • Teaching in the Program: Introduction to Theories and Methodology of Global Comparative Media and Communication Research, Social/Cultural Communication in international comprison, qualitative Methods in international comparisons
  • regional Focus: Egypt, Southeast Asia, Europe

Our Team: Research Associates and Lecturers

Dr. Subekti W. Priyadharma

  • DAAD-Guest Lecturer (2023-2024)
  • Lecturer at the Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) Bandung, Indonesia
  • Teaching in the Program: Communication for Social Change, ICT4D, New Media and Society, Media and Public Sphere
  • regional Focus: Southeast Asia, esp. Indonesia

Dr. Anja Wollenberg

  • external lecturer
  • Teaching in the Program: International Media Assistance and Media and Political Transformation in Fragile States
  • regionaler Focus: MENA-Region
  • Co-Founder ofMICT (Media in Cooperation and Transition) Berlin
  • Contact: anja.wollenberg@uni-erfurt.de

Augusto Santos, M.A.

Team Bild
  • PhD Candidate at the Chair for Comparative Analysis of Media Systems and Communication Cultures (Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez)
  • Teaching in the Program: Transnational Public Spheres, Foreign News Coverage, South-South Communication
  • regional focus: BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

Dr. Regina Cazzamatta

  • Research Associate at the Department for Media and Communication Studies , Leitung des DFG-Projekts Desinformationskontext und das Entstehen von Fact-Checking-Organisationen in Europa und Lateinamerika"
  • Teaching in the Program: Media Systems Comparisons, digital media transformation, international Journalism, Fact Checking, quantitative Methods
  • regional Focus: Latin America

Dr. Danny Schmidt

  • external lecturer
  • Teaching in the Prorgam: Discourse Analysis, Nation Images, Forein Reporting, Political Education and Media Competence in international comparison
  • regional Focus: Russia, Europe
  • Freelancer for workshops in the field of global learning and political education for sustainable development
  • Contact: danny.schmidt@uni-erfurt.de

Mufutau Kowalowe Muyiwa, M.A.

  • external lecturer
  • PhD candidate at the Chair for Comparative Analysis of Media Systems and Communication Cultures (Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez)
  • Teaching in the program: Public Diplomacy
  • Regional Focus: Africa, esp. Nigeria, South Africa