Curriculum Development Workshop

Joint Curriculum Development is the first module of Social Media Project. The aim of this workshop is to bring together the lead agency, its partner institution and members of civil society in order to discuss

  1.  the contents of two courses taught this year, these courses include:
    1. Internet Politics                     (to be taught in June 2012 in Erfurt)
    2. Political Communication       (to be taught in October 2012 in Peshawar)
  2. the summer school curriculum
    1. ‘New Media versus Traditional Media: Comparison between Germany and Pakistan’ to be held in August 2012 in Erfurt.
  3. the civil society partnership module.
    1. Cooperation with Women Writers’ Forum in Peshawar

Workshop Methodology

  • All the participants will be split into three working groups.
  • Every group will discuss their topic within their group for one hour
  • All the groups will present and discuss their findings at the end of every session
  • Each session will have 90 minutes


Every session will be moderated by one of the participants. The role of moderator is to make sure that during every session:

  • Working groups finish their discussions and submit their contributions in time
  • Every working group present their finding within a given time period