Fall School: Internet Politics


The internet as it stands today has traversed every aspect of human interactions and society. It has changed the way political parties’ campaign; citizen engage or transnational networks are built and promoted while raising concerns of privacy and surveillance of online activities. It has overturned the traditional structure of mass media by allowing individuals to manufacture and broadcast content. Social media outlets such as YouTube, MySpace or Blogger now pose a direct threat to the traditional mode of journalism. There is an emergence of new digital public sphere where indigenous cultures, religious groups or to political activists have new possibilities to express, negotiate and share their concern.

In this context, the Chair of Muslim Culture and Religious History, Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik at the University of Erfurt, Germany, initiated a project in 2012, by the title of Changing Role of Social Media in Muslim Countries to review the curricular trends in communication and political science in Pakistan.

Academic Excursion

Considering the changing role of social media, especially under the backdrop of civil unrest in Arab world, the Chair of Muslim Cultural & Religious History at the University of Erfurt is offering an academic excursion/Fall School to be taken place in Pakistan from 18-31st October, 2013.

This Fall School will focus on three themes, 1- Politics/Governance, 2- Media and 3- Civil Society/Community with the view to draw attention of the participants to these new roles of modern communication media.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only Bachelor, Master & PhD students currently enrolled in the University of Erfurt.
  • Strong interest or participation in socio-political activities.

What is included?

  • Travel allowance of 625 Euros for a return flight from Germany to Pakistan (incl. travel insurance and train ticket)
  • Accommodation within University premises/state guest house.
  • In addition, every successful participant will receive a stipend of 200 Euros for expenses such as daily meals.