Impaired linguistic and numerical abilities – development and validation of a participation-oriented acalculia diagnostic tool

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PhD project by Dominique Michalak

In neurological disorders, linguistic and numerical deficits are often associated. Whereas language deficits are evident in direct communication, numerical deficits are not that prominent. Nevertheless, numerical skills play an important role for independent action (account management, shopping, time, means of transport, etc.) and thus also for participation in social life. Therefore, they represent a vital aspect of rehabilitation.

The aims of the project are:

1. The development of an acalculia diagnostic tool (Numerical Activities of Daily Living + German, NADL+D),

  • which can be used for experimental data collection as well as for clinical application,
  • which provides the most important test quality criteria (standardisation),
  • which is applicable for patients with language deficits (aphasia, dementia)
  • which includes the levels of activities and participation of the ICF model (WHO).

2. A systematic collection and description of correlations between linguistic and numerical abilities.