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Gas price ceiling? More nuclear energy? Brandt School professor Andreas C. Goldthau provides commentary on the ongoing energy crisis in Europe

As the ongoing energy crisis continues to plague Europe, especially in Germany, Professor Andreas C. Goldthau recently provided comments to several media outlets on the shifting situation and possible policy solutions.

Andreas C. Goldhau
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On October 18th, Prof. Andreas Goldthau shared his expertise with the German TV station RTL regarding the possible impact that additional nuclear energy plants will have on the energy crisis in Germany. According to Goldthau, one additional nuclear energy plant will only have a minor effect on the energy market and on lowering energy prices. For more, watch the full news segment here.

On October 17th, Goldthau explained on German TV station N-TV that every additional source of energy is helpful, but one nuclear energy facility will not make a difference. Instead, he recommends that Germany needs additional liquid gas terminals, it needs to ensure gas supply flowing in from neighboring countries, and everyone must take action to save energy. Check out his full commentary here

On October 11th, Goldthau commented in ZDF Heute Journal, the TV news outlet regarding recent OPEC actions, the global oil market and new geopolitical alliances that are developing due to the energy crisis. Watch his contribution here.

Also on October 11th, Goldthau argued in MDR Aktuell, the TV news show that the gas price ceiling would particularly impact businesses in eastern Germany. But, he explains that the government cannot provide an all-encompassing protective shield.

On October 7th, Goldthau was featured in the Deutschlandfunk Kultur podcast to explain how the current energy crisis is also negatively impacting the Global South. Because richer, Global North countries are buying more liquid natural gas and that the Ukraine crisis has resulted in less gas on the market, that the prices are skyrocketing and are pricing Global South countries out of the market. For more, tune in here.


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