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Guest Lecture by Ulla Haselstein
Workshop "Autofiktion"
Guest Lecture by Etti Gordon Ginzburg
Guest lecture by Michelle M. Wright
Vortragsreihe "Praxeologien der Wahrheit" SoSe 2022
Workshop: Embodiments of Truth?


Talk by Dr. des. Antonia Purk (Erfurt)
Two Plays About Climate Change: Online Panel Discussion
Workshop on Children's Poetry by Laura E. Richards
Guest Lecture by Jade Thomas (M.A.)
Guest Lecture by Dr. Etti Gordon Ginzburg
Audience Talk Back mit theater2go
CCTA Meet-up April


Guest Lecture by Dr. Sirpa Salenius


Climate Change Theatre Action
Climate Change Theatre Action
Theatrical Performance of Neil LaBute's Wrecks
Author Reading with Morgan Jerkins
Guest Lecture by Prof. Andrea Frank
Workshop with Carsten Junker and Thomas Allen
Guest Lecture by Prof. Tom Allen


Workshop and Visual Presentation
Talk by Photographer J Henry Fair
Author Reading with Bert Ashe
Guest Lecture by Alexandra Hartmann
Regional Colloquium of American Studies in Central Germany
Special Film Screening at Cinestar Erfurt


Lecture Series by the American Literature and North American History departments
"Memory and Media: The Making of Postcolonial Histories." Graduate Conference
DFG Network "Cultural Performance in Transnational American Studies": The Politics of Performance in Transnational Scenarios
Guest Lecture by Prof. Gillian Harkins
Guest Lecture by Prof. William Merrill Decker
Reading by author Tom Drury


Guest Lecture by Dr. Joshua Parker
Guest Lecture by Prof. Sirpa Salenius
Guest Lecture by Dr. Dietmar Meinel
Guest Lecture by Prof. Michael Grimwood
Guest Lecture by Prof. Crister Garrett


Workshop: European Study Group of Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Guest Lecture by Dr. Jason Stevens
Author Reading: Lauren K. Alleyne
Guest Lecture by Prof. Arlene Keizer and Workshop on "Recent Debates on Narratives of Slavery"


Author Reading: Michael Lowenthal
Guest Lecture by Prof. Erik Redling
Conference: "The Labor and Leisure of Performance"


Guest Lecture by Prof. Tong Lam
Guest Lecture and Workshop with Prof. Psyche Williams-Forson


Guest Lecture by Prof. Laura Browder


Guest Lecture by Prof. Sheenagh Pietrobruno
Guest Lecture by Prof. Reingard Nethersole
Guest Lecture by Prof. Art Redding


Guest Lecture by Prof. William Merrill Decker