Study Contents

Studying AVL in the BA- or the MA-Program of Literary Studies enables you to learn about:

theories of language, semiotics, symbols, perception, and text(s)

literary theories, aesthetics, rhetoric, poetics, and the study of metaphor

concepts of text types, genres, styles, epochs, the canon, memory, and forgetting

intertextuality, translation and its studies, citation and quotation, sources and motives, transfers and transmissions, and relations between understanding and misunderstanding

concepts of authorship, works and oeuvre, and interpretation

literary history, the history of reception, literary criticism, and the institutions of literature

methods of comparison, analysis and theorizing, as well as to apply them in close reading

perspectives in cultural studies, poetry and knowledge, discourse analysis, sex and gender, cultural anthropology, alterity and interculturality, literary spaces, ecocriticism, postcolonial readings

perspectives from media studies: media theory and analysis, intermedial references (text, writing, image, theatre, voice, digital media, film, etc.), the materiality of media, and the history of media