Visiting Lecturer (Willy Brandt School of Public Policy)

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Universität Erfurt
Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
Nordhäuser Str. 84
99089 Erfurt

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Universität Erfurt
Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
Nordhäuser Str. 63
99089 Erfurt

Maria Brackin

Short Biography

Maria Brackin is an alumna of the Willy Brandt School (class of 2017-19) and a current doctoral fellow at the School of Collective Intelligence (Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, École Normale Supérieure). Her research interests lie at the intersection of philosophy, economics, cognitive science and public policy, and include the influence of prosociality on financial decision-making, the nature of economic knowledge, and the use of behavioral insights in the design of public policies to improve financial literacy and inclusion. Maria's PhD project will focus on the impact of social information and interaction on economic beliefs and decisions.

Prior to her MPP studies, Maria was the investment administrator for fund management company Amati Global Investors in Edinburgh, and holds the Investment Management Certificate from the CFA Institute. Originally from Ithaca New York, Maria earned her BA (honors) in philosophy from Northwestern University and an MSc in philosophy from the University of Edinburgh. She is the recipient of various academic awards, including the DAAD Preis from the University of Erfurt and the PPLS Highly Commended Dissertation Prize from the University of Edinburgh, and is a past Scholar of the Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York.

Courses taught at the Brandt School

Fall Term 2021/22

  • Big Data and Algorithmic Thinking

Summer Term 2020

  • BLM: Algorithmic Thinking and "Big Data" in Public Policy