WLAN at the university erfurt


The University of Erfurt is a member of the Initative Education Roaming (eduroam) and thus offers its employees and students free Internet access. External users whose home institution is also a member of the eduroam network can use eduroam with the configuration and login data of their institution.

quick start guide

  1. You have changed your initial password of your user account (you can change it via the user portal )!
  2. Connect your device with the "gast-ue"-WLAN (only connect but do not log in!) 
  3. Open a browser (like Safari or Google Chrome) and go to the page "cat.eduroam.org" and select the University of Erfurt as your institution. Then follow the instructions on the page.
  4. Android users up to version 7 have to download the  "eduroam CAT"-App from the Google PlayStore(you can't download the app from the "gast-ue"-WLAN), version 8 or higher have to download the geteduroam-App from the Google PlayStore and open the downloaded configuration file with it.

guest access

Everyone can connect their device with the "gast-ue"-WLAN.

Guest access is only intended for users who are not part of the eduroam network and who have a legitimate interest in using it (e.g. guest researchers without eduroam-login, external lecturers, conference visitors without eduroam-login).

The user data must be requested from the service desk.

When calling any internet page that does not have https in the address bar (e.g.: www.golem.de), the user is redirected to the login page of the guest access. Only after entering the user the internet is usable.

The security of the guest access is much lower compared to the eduroam access. Therefore please take care to enter sensitive data (e.g. passwords) only via an encrypted connection of the application (like websites with https).