Internship Programme

Since its inception, the project 'Changing Role of Social Media in Muslim Countries' has put an emphasis in establishing and strengthening ties with the civil society partners in Pakistan. In this regard, the Chair of Muslim Culture and Religious History (CMCRH) has collaborated with a number of civil society institutions in Pakistan by taking its study tours to organisations such as National Rural Support Programme, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Akhuwat Foundation or Anne Marie Schimmel House in Lahore.

Since 2013, the CMCRH is supporting Erfurtian students who wish to undertake an internship with one of the civil society partners. In this regard, three of the graduate and undergraduate students have so far got an opportunity to work with the said organisations.

David Vilchez

Portrait of David Vilchez

Graduate fellow Public Policy, Session 2013-14
Organisation: National Rural Support Programme
Duration: Aug-Oct, 2013
Locations: Islamabad & Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Department: Monitoring, Evaluation & Research (MER)

Karen Pilgrim

Undergraduate Fellow, Session 2012-15
Organisation: National Rural Support Programme
Duration: Feb/Mar, 2014
Location: Islamabad

Jonas Hufnagel

Undergraduate fellow, Session 2011-14
Organisation: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund
Duration: Mar-May, 2014
Location: Islamabad