Chair of Muslim Cultural & Religious History

Here on our website you will find information about our current events and recent publications, our course offerings, and our study programmes (B.A., M.A., Ph.D. and Post-doc). Our academic staff will be happy to help you with any queries you might have.
Within the realm of the humanities, Islamic Studies at the University of Erfurt is an interdisciplinary oriented subject that particularly addresses the social history of Muslim cultures by means of multifaceted research. It thus exceeds the traditionally dominant historical-comparative and philological approaches of related disciplines and institutes in Germany. Our two foci, Muslim cultures in Europe and in South Asia, complete this unique profile. The numerous fascinating research and dissertation projects of our staff members, Ph.D. candidates, and co-operation partners are further evidence of that.
At the Erfurt Chair of Muslim Cultural & Religious History, internationalism is not a mere flowery phrase. An expression of the practiced internationalism at the Chair is the students and researchers who come from near and far and are able to network internationally through research projects, workshops and conferences as well as through our summer schools “Muslims in the West” and “Cyber Culture” that are very popular with our guests from all over the world are expressions of the practiced internationality at the Chair.