Summer School: "Muslims in the West"


Dialogue with Islam

Ever since its involvement in the academic activity of “Dialogue with Islam,” initiated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2002, the University of Erfurt has been keenly engaged in the increasingly 
socio-politically relevant debates on “Islam and the West.” In this context, the Summer School, financially supported by the DAAD, contributes to fostering mutual respect and understanding as well as to creating enduring bases for inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue.

Reform and Reformation

This year, the Summer School focuses on the issue of reform and reformation and centers around the theme of Muslims/Islam in Western contexts. One year after the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, it scrutinizes the phenomenon of religious renewal in world religions, specifically in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Reformist faith-based movements within these religious traditions are examined and their commonalities, differences and mutual influence are reflected upon and critically analyzed. The multifaceted, historical panorama resulting from such comparative study is supplemented by, and put into the context of, contemporary issues and discussions in the Euro-American space such as Muslim integration, fundamentalism, human rights, and religious education.

The educational part of the Summer School will be accompanied by a rich cultural program. It includes visiting the places of worship of different faiths and meeting with their members, a two-day trip to Berlin, and an excursion to Weimar. Please visit our homepage for further information and regular updates on the schedule (

 - Programme for the Summer School 2018 here

Muslims in the West