ORCID - connect your name with your research!

What is ORCID?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) provides an internationally recognized, unique, permanent personal identification number for free use by researchers. The ORCID iD is a global standard to correctly identify and link researchers and their achievements (publications, projects, research data, etc.). ORCID is operated by a non-profit organization in the USA and is supported and implemented by a large number of players in the scientific system, such as repositories, publishers and funding organizations.

Learn more at ORCID.orgor in the official ORCID Video

Your advantages

ORCID improves the visibility of your research and saves you time and hassle in the process!

  •     You are clearly identified, even with name variants, name changes or different spellings
  •     Your scientific contributions are clearly assigned to you and can be found in your publication list at any time
  •     Your ORCID iD and your information stored there (Record) can be used for life, independent of employers and institutions
  •     Your ORCID Record can be used as your digital business card for transparent and easy communication of your research achievements and projects with   colleagues, publishers and funders


Your rights

Privacy and informational self-determination are a high priority for ORCID: you maintain full control over your ORCID Record and your privacy

  • Name and personal identification number are always public, but you can manage all other information in terms of their visibility to the outside world (only me|trusted parties|everyone)
  •  You determine which rights you grant to partners, so-called trusted parties (e.g. University of Erfurt, Crossref,)
  •  You can control and change privacy settings in your ORCID record via account settings at any time
  •  An expert report on behalf of the German Research Foundation (DFG) has confirmed that the ORCID system is generally compliant with data protection laws

How to get started with ORCID

You can let ORCID work optimally for you: The more information you provide, the more meaningful your record will be!

  • create yourself an ORCID iD
    • If you are not sure if you already have one, you can search for your name at ORCID- Please register only once

  • Enter all spellings and variants of your name in your profile, if possible also your maiden name

  • Your publications can be transferred automatically from several databases or entered manually
    • You can have publications automatically added to your ORCID record by defining suitable partners as "Trusted Parties". You can assign this status to e.g. DNB, CrossRef and DataCite to have publications automatically loaded into your ORCID record via the DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
    • You can manually add publications that are not automatically listed to your record (via the +Add works button)
  • Include your ORCID iD whenever you engage in academic activities - especially when contacting publishers, funding agencies, in the footer of your mails, on your website and on your presentation slides


Please contact us, if you should have any further questions regarding ORCID.


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