Remote access (Shibboleth)


Remote or off-campus access to licensed databases, e-journals or e-books for staff and students of Erfurt University is possible via Shibboleth. Shibboleth is a means of authentication and authorization which allows members of the university the use of licensed material from any internet computer or other electronic device (e.g. laptop, tablet PC or smartphone) at home or other locations. A user-ID (single sign-on) is needed.
Detailed information about Shibboleth, s.a. functionality and technical background you may find on the web pages of the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ).

Shibboleth-Logo (Ein Greif mit Drachenschwanz)


Registration for off-campus access is possible after calling up the respective electronic publication via the OPAC, DBIS or EZB:

1. When on the homepage of the publication selected, click on phrases such as “select your region or group”, “institution login” or “Shibboleth login”.

Note: Always choose your institution first, do not log in directly via the log-in field displayed. Confirm your choice.

2. Choose Erfurt University from the list of addresses (if applicable, select “German Higher Education and Research” or “Deutschland (DFN-AAI)”).

3. On the next screen, enter your User-ID (= the log-in of the university given to you by the IT-Centre):

4. Next, accept the terms and conditions for using Shibboleth. At first registration with a provider a notice on the data to be transferred (digital library card) is displayed which has to be accepted, too.

5. After successful log-in, you will be able to use a number of electronic pblications from different providers without having to log in again. Only select Erfurt University.



By closing the internet browser (all windows !) you are automatically logged out after a maximum of 2 hours. Since you are not able to log yourself out you should not use Shibboleth at public PCs or in Internet Cafes. If this cannot be avoided, please delete your personal data:
Mozilla Firefox: "Strg" + "Shift-Taste" + "Entf"
Internet Explorer: "Strg" + "Shift-Taste" + "Entf"



So far Shibboleth has been set up for the following products:


Off-campus access to MyJstorAccount
If you are using your personal MyJstorAccount, please first choose “Erfurt University” and log in with your user- ID from the university. After that you can use your MyJstorAccount as usual.



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