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[Translate to English:] Innenansicht eines Lesesaalcarrels

Students of Erfurt University working on dissertations may book a carrel in the reading room

  • for two months for a master’s dissertation
  • for one month for a bachelors’s dissertation

To apply for a carrel please submit the  Application for a carrel and a confirmation of your dissertation project from your department or your supervisor at the information desk on the 2nd floor. 

Some of the carrels are equipped with PCs with Internet access and various software. All others are intended for use with your own laptop (Internet use via WLAN).




Schließfach in der UB Erfurt

Lockers are available in the reading room for the duration of 3 months. Please submit the application form (pdf) and at the information desk on the 2nd floor.

Media from the reading room may only be kept in the locker if borrowed properly and registered on your user’s account.

The library will take no responsibility for any personal items left in the locker.




Work cabins, Computer room


Work cabins in the computer room can be booked for individual academic work. For reservations please use UB-Platz, the electronic booking for working places.




Information Services
Contact: Antje Boon
(Erfurt University Library)

Application for a carrel (in English, pdf)

Application for a locker (in English, pdf)