Scanning Service for employees

The library offers an essay delivery service for employees/teachers of the University of Erfurt and for graduates of the Erfurt Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme (EPPP).

Please send your copy requests to the library by web form. We will search for the literature, scan the articles and make the PDFs available for download.


The scanning service is free of charge.


You are a staff member/teacher at a faculty or institution of the University of Erfurt or a graduate of the Erfurt Doctoral and Postdoctoral Programme (EPPP).



The delivery service includes the scanning and electronic provision of journal articles and book chapters (up to 50 pages or max. 10% for books, in compliance with copyright laws) from the  holdings of Erfurt University Library.

Not available are articles from e-media, articles from items on loan (incl. reference collections) and scans from the holdings of the Research Library Gotha. For scans from items of special value and media published before 1851, please contact the special reading room of Erfurt University Library:

Submitting requests


We will supply a PDF of the item within 1-3 working days. You will receive an e-mail with a link for download. The availability is 10 days.

Legal conditions

For reasons of copyright you may only use the reproductions provided for your own academic work and may not distribute them as printed or electronic copies, either for a fee or free of charge.
Teachers may note the summary of the most important aspects concerning electronic resources in digital learning spaces and term papers.


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